• We have come such a long way in our 22 years. The concept of solar power was not really considered as a serious power source even as recently as the 1980s. Combined with other forms of regenerative energy sources, solar power is becoming part of the global energy mix. We have been doing our part since 1997.
    There are over 190 countries or nations that inhabit the world. We’ve managed to install clean energy plants in 60 of them. That is a good first step towards a cleaner climate, but we still have work to do. After all, we all share the same climate and we all breathe the same air.
    In absolute numbers there are 82,000,000,000 watts that are currently deployed by Sungrow globally. This number may sound quite impressive, but compared to worldwide energy consumption we still have room to grow. Our worldwide market share is 15%, and we will continue to push for a cleaner world, that's a promise.