• Sungrow floating systems are available as a dual-glass panel version or as an aluminum frame version. Both versions are extremely reliable and easy to install. They are very durable, withstanding up to level 17 typhoons and heavy snow.

    In combination with the possibility to adjust for different latitudes, floating systems by Sungrow can be set up and operated almost anywhere. The dual-glass panel version can be installed through guide rail and briquetting, thus preventing the deformation of the cantilever part of the panels.
    Both the single-row array and the dual-row array are designed to achieve a low Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE). Their flexible design allows for good ventilation that helps to improve the effective power generation.

    The single-row array features a good orientation consistency and various layouts that can adjust to different water regions. The dual-row array offers an improved Solar Irradiation (SI) and comes with a wide aisle for easy and quick operation and maintenance.
    Sungrow’s customized anchoring system can be used for various scenarios with different water depth and water level variation. All Sungrow anchoring systems have been tested and certified for various wave and water flow conditions.

    Our computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations take into account the water flow and even the wind force. All maximum tensions for mooring ropes and anchoring design types have been subjected to extensive testing under extreme conditions to ensure that your investment is safe.